Have you ever looked at a can of shortening and said to yourself, “Yup, I’mma eat that”?

By itself, shortening is just not that appealing. So, we built something that shortens your links, and then we made it sweet.

Our Recipe:

A bunch of shortening

Our shortening tools allow you to shorten any number of links you need. Think Youtube descriptions; drop in the text, click “shorten”, and get a link-shortened description in a heartbeat. Oh, and don’t worry, we’ve even affiliated those for you.

One heaping scoop of mixed data

When a user clicks on your Shortcake link, you’ll be able to know their public IP address, approximate location in the world, where they found your link, and even what browser/device they’re using. Are users primarily finding your videos when they’re at the store already? Where else are people seeing your content? Who's sharing it and where?

A handful of IP tracking

We really brought out the flavor of IP data. Find out how users navigate through your content! Where did they start; where did they end? Does some of your content fall flat? Now you can see it in the numbers.

A pinch of customization

Wish you could place affiliated links in your Video Cards and End Screens? It’s a dream no longer. Our tools will allow you to place customized links that use your name to engender trust and give you credit where it’s due. If you’re driving viewers to shopping sites, you deserve to be recognized for it… in dollars.